I translate weather data into musical scores, which are then translated into sculptures as well as being a source of collaboration with musicians and composers. These pieces not only map meteorological conditions of a specific time and place, but are also functional musical scores to be played by musicians. For some examples of collaborations I have done with musicians, please visit the Weather Scores site or explore some of the musical samples below.


The Ghostly Crew of the Andrea Gail
Reed, wood, data
6’x3’x5’, 2011

Hypothetical models of extremes gain freakishness to them when they actually play themselves out in nature. In October 1991, an event meteorologists still refer to as “The Perfect Storm” entered the Gulf of Maine. A low-pressure system hovering over Nova Scotia, an energy system coming from the Great Lakes, and a dying Hurricane near Bermuda called Grace, formed together to create an enormous storm called the “Halloween Storm” that eventually developed into another Hurricane.

This 3D musical score follows the sinking of the fishing vessel called the “Andrea Gail” which sank during the 1991 Halloween Storm, also known as the “Perfect Storm”. The score is divided into three acts (each mast represents one act) and is entirely made up of weather data of that storm. The blue (Hurricane Grace) and natural (Halloween Storm) bands act like time lines on which data of the specific storm systems are translated on.