I Dreamed She’ll Ride Us All Again
Reed, wood, rope, data
24”x24”x28”, 2014

Three iconic amusement park rides did battle with Hurricane Sandy during the night
of Oct 29-30, 2012: Deno’s Wonder Wheel in Coney Island, The Star Jet Rollercoaster
in Seaside Heights and Jane’s Carousel in Brooklyn. Two survived and one did not.
Using weather and ocean data from all three locations, this piece translates the weather
conditions these rides endured during the Hurricane. Rather than rebuilding the actual
rides, the data is broken up and spread out over a series of rides that seem to exist both
above and below water. The absurdity of the rides explores our complicated relationship
with the seashore in this age of Climate Change. They also offer a glimpse of what these
rides might look like in the future if we persist to build our places of amusement right at
the edge between water and land.