A collaboration between science, data, musical performance and sculpture

Aside from making sculptures, I also am deeply involved in a project I started in 2009 called The Weather Score Project. The core of the project is a series of musical scores entirely based on weather data, which are adapted by composers to musical performance. These musical performances have taken place in a variety of venues from galleries, concert halls, to theaters and planetariums. My collaborations with composers and musicians are two-fold: to convey a nuance or level of emotionality surrounding my research that is harder for me to reach through my sculptures, and to reveal patterns or stories in the data musicians might identify which I have failed to see.

You can find out more about the musical scores by going to the Sculptural Musical Score page under Portfolio.

I work with composers all over the country. I generally begin by sharing my musical score, the data that I used to build it and examples of how I translated the score into sculptures. Then, the collaboration takes on different forms and it is the variety that keeps me interested. In the end, every piece is unique and different, helping me see my own work in a new way. So far, the Weather Score project has led to 12 new commissions by 10 emerging composers and over 13 concerts.

Past Concerts:

The Water Line Concert, Dec 5th. 2019, Houston Center for Contemporary Crafts (
Composers: Kyle Rivera, Shane Monds (
Sculptor: Nathalie Miebach
Performers: The Kinetic Ensemble (


2019: Denison University, Tutti Music Festival
Composers: Harrison Ponce (, Jessie Lanier, ETHEL
Musicians: ETHEL (



2018: Circa Art Actuel, Montreal, Canada
Composers: Mischa Salkind-Pearl, Matthew Jackfert, Elliot Cless, Preston Beebe.
Musicians: Preston Beebe, Chloe Chabanole, Charlotte Layec, Pemi Paull.


2017: Talbert Recital Hall, Aurora University, Aurora, IL
Composers: Mischa Salkind-Pearl, Matthew Jackfert, Elliot Cless, Christian Gentry.
Musicians: Jonathan Summers, Josh Malave, The Picosa Ensemble.


2017: Clay Center for Arts and Sciences, Charleston, WV
Composers: Mischa Salkind-Pearl, Matthew Jackfert.
Musicians: Jennifer Wood, Laura Sabo and Bernard DiGregorio.


2016: Akron Art Museum, Akron, OH
Composers: Mischa Salkind-Pearl, Matthew Jackfert, Christian Gentry.
Musicians: Tyler Carpenter, Miles Richardson, Christopher Robinson, Andrew Stock, Sara Aratake.


2015: MIT Museum, Cambridge, MA
Composers: Mischa Salkind-Pearl, Christian Gentry
Musicians: Dinosaur Annex

2013: Common Street Ar Gallery, Waterville, ME
Composers: Joshua DeScherer and Noah Teachey
Musicians: I’m sorry. I lost the program for this one.

2011: Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, MI
Composers & Musicians: The Nineteen Thirteen Trio

2010: The Lilypad, Cambridge, MA
Composers: Elliot Cless, Philip Acimovic
Musicians: Elliot Cless, Philip Acimovic, Glenn Dickson, Jason Coleman

2010/2009: Nave Gallery Church, Somerville, MA / Amherst College Art Museum, Amherst, MA / Cynthia Reeves Gallery, NYC / Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA
Composer & Musician: Elaine Rombola


Here are links to some of the composer / musicians I have worked with:

Elaine Rombola:
Mischa Salkind-Pearl
Matthew Jackfert:
Christian Gentry:
Phil Acimovic:
Preston Beebe:
Joshua Malave: